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Whenever I have approached Maxvalue , I have never been disappointed.Whenever I needed financial help and I needed to execute the biggest of the orders I was able to do it because of chit fund schemes at Maxvalue Chits. If we keep on collecting small amount of money with the company, in the end we have a huge capital in hand, which can be used for personal purposes or business purposes.

Jolly Jiji

Now a days there are a lot of private chit funds organised by friends and relatives which can turn out to be risky as i have been duped earlier. Maxvalue Chits pvt ltd is a best company.


I Started Saving, I Chose Maxvalue Chits pvt ltd. Its a Great Saving. Maxvalue Chits pvt ltd is a best company. It has managed many schemes.


I really liked their wide range of chit groups which matches to the need of people from different walks of life and the other confidence factor is that it is a best chit fund company.


I am a customer of Maxvalue chits pvt ltd. I can definitely say that I am happy to have made the decision to join them as their concept of chits is refreshing.

Jijo Jacob