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The think tanks of Maxvalue Chits embarked on a mission to serve the society by helping people realize their dreams to achieve their goals. All the while the purpose was to ease the burden of those who had a mission to achieve but were lacking financial support. Mr. Paulson Chirayath, Dr. K.R.Prathapan Mr. Gireeshkumar K.K ,Dr.Sureshkumar ,Mr.Roy Johnson Vellanikkaran , Mr.Christo George,Mr.Manoj V.R, Mrs.Smithamol ,Mrs.Sujatha were the unrelenting force behind the concept of Maxvalue Chits bearing in mind to envision the true value and philosophy of human nature and its abundance to provide to the society.

The Mission to achieve the Vision of Maxvalue Chits started with few employees on June 14 th 2017. Achieving more than the bench mark stipulated, Maxvalue Chits reached a business of Rs.2 Crores plus with in the period of 8 months. This achievement highlights the clairvoyance of the driving force behind the concept of Maxvalue Chits.

Maxvalue chits has embarked on a mission of future growth to achieve the business of Rs. 100 Crores with a very immaculate plan of opening 30 branches across Kerala by the period 2018-2019. Entrusted by the people in faith and an impeccable road map to achieve the Goal, Maxvalue Chits strives hard to keep the faith and trust of the people who believe that Maxvalue Chits has the spark and Vision to change their very lives through its mission to serve the society.