Welcome to Max Value Chits Private Limited
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Dear Friends,

Let me share the immense pleasure, in announcing the roll out, of the up coming Mega brand, MAXVALUE Chits Private Limited.

MAXVALUE Chits Private Limited comes with an infused capital of 50 million, and is ambitious to reach out the entire Kerala through expansion with 30 new branches within one year. Cultural capital of Kerala- Thrissur is the home for MAXVALUE Chits.

We are fortunate to have the Iconic, and Socially committed personalities as the Board of Directors. Also we have experienced and trained set of professionals engaged dawn to dusk, in the organisation for a pleasant new experience and satisfaction for the customer.

As an alternate to the burdened and obnoxiously high bank interest and to cherish the unfulfilled financial dreams of the people from all the walks of the society, MAXVALUE Chits will be the one which can be always counted on. Over and above the protection offered by the law, Our prudence and expertise would ensure more profit for our customers

Latest and simple high tech information technology based core banking services we have, would ensure all the transactions for the customer, fast and convenient irrespective of the customer location. Our service is available at the finger tip of the customer with the finest mobile app provided by us to access and control their account. MAXVALUE Chits is the first chit company and the pioneer among Indian chit companies to bring such innovations and technology.

Let me hereby request for your kind patronage and support for all the new chits schemes and encourage us to innovate and serve you better.

C.V.Paulson​ Chirayat
Chairman, Maxvalue Chits